Hit. Delete. A short film by Gabriel Gomez

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A note from the director:

“I collaborated with good friend and writer/composer Julien Melendez to create the above work. After hearing about the Pepsi Films “Refresh the World in 60 Seconds” contest on Thursday evening (with a submission deadline of the following Saturday at noon, less than 48 hours later), I quickly brainstormed with Julien to come up with a concept for the contest’s theme of “Hit Delete”. What we came up with was bizarre, controversial, slightly masochistic, and wild…but we loved it.

On Friday, we shot all day. Starting at about 2:00 AM we started editing and scoring throughout the morning. Completion time was roughly 10:30 AM, and we submitted the film with about 45 minutes to spare.

About 4 weeks later, the Superbowl airs and I get a number of calls from friends and family, all with the same question: “Why is everyone getting hit in the head with cans in the Pepsi commercials?” I finally got a chance to watch one of ads and cocked my head at the similarities; domestic drama, blond girl getting smacked in the face with their own product, collapsing to the ground in practically the exact same way. Watch the [product of plagiarism] commercial HERE.

Did Pepsi see our film and completely steal it’s vibe and theme? Possibly. Are we wrongly assuming that a massive corporate empire stole from two Brooklyn artists? It wouldn’t be the first time that happened, but maybe. Bizarre coincidence? Absolutely.

Regardless, It’s a work I’m extremely proud of, creatively and ethically.”

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  1. Myboy

    March 1, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    My boy Gabe Gomez getting it done!

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