Fashion Blogger: Chez Pris [Interview]

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Owning one of my favorite blogs and my go-to girl for the best polyvores, this French-native has a great sense of culture, style, and creativism. I just had to contact this infamous, underrated owner of “Chez Pris” or Pris’s Blog. P dot S, I reblog her so many times on tumblr, I should be banned! (laughs). I love her blog, get to know her…

Isabelle: Who is Pris?

Pris: My name is Priscilla, I’m 24. I’m a non-influential blogger who lives in Paris :)

Isabelle: When did you start blogging? And why?

Pris: I opened my blog in August 2009. I started it simply to share my vision of fashion.

Isabelle: Describe your style.

Pris: All black everything! Black will never go out of style! Black T, black pants, plus a good pair of shoes, that’s the perfect mix.

I like to find my style in little and simple things.

Isabelle: What is fashion to you?

Pris: Fashion is an art. A way to express yourself. Fashion is not only the last Louis Vuitton or Yves Saint Laurent collections. Everybody makes fashion, everybody can create.

Coco Chanel said: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” and I think it’s true. When you look at blog like, The you can feel this idea. The idea that fashion is everywhere. Not only on catwalks (runways).

Isabelle: Being a big fan of your blog, right from the day I discovered it,
all I wondered was, “what does she do?” So Pris, what do you do?

Pris: I work hard to become the most influent stylist in the world!!! I’m working on my first portfolio with french photographers and designers.

I read and dream a lot. I like to travel as well; I visited a lot of amazing place like Rio de Janeiro, Milan, NYC, LA, London, and French West Indies… I’m planning a trip to West Africa this year.

I love people, I love discover other cultures. It’s always a big source of inspirations. Travels is definitely the best way to grow up and open your mind.

Isabelle: Who’s your favorite designer? Where do you like to shop?

Pris: I LOVE shoes, so I will mainly mention shoes designers: Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Giuseppe Zanotti. They treat footwear as an art. They use amazing materials, colors, forms. Their shoes immediately catch your attention, I mean, they really bring something new in fashion industry. When you see Alexander McQueen’s python Armadillos, It’s beyond fashion! It’s beyond imagination!

I like Gap & Uniqlo for the light cotton tee, Zara for almost everything! Levis and Diesel for their jeans.

Isabelle: Who are some of your inspirations?

Pris: I’m inspired by passionate people. People who work 20 hours a day and can’t stop talking about their passion.

Isabelle: What are your favorite songs at the moment?

Pris: I don’t have “favorite songs”, but I like Anthony Hamilton, The Roots, Angie Stone, Busta Rhymes, The Beatles, John Legend, Kelis, Lauryn Hill, M.I.A, Maxwell, Freeway, Mary J Blige, Nas, and Stevie Wonder…

Isabelle: What is a quote you like to live by?

Pris: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”


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Writer’s Note: This interview was conducted a pretty long time ago (sometime in January).

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