Pilot Talking with Nesby Phips [Interview]

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We recently had a chance to sit down with Nesby Phips of the JETS to talk one of my favorite past times. Over a cup of tea Nesby tells me how he feels about a lil’ girl ya’ll might know as Mary Jane.

Greedmont: What city has the best weed in the world?
Nesby: Haven’t smoked to many place,  but the most love was shown in Miami, ‘Smackaroni Tony’ status.

Would do you think the world would like like if everyone smoked weed?
Definitely more peaceful with a great scent. But there still will be issues because smoking ain’t for everybody, but they can easily be ironed out.

Thoughts on medicinal marijuana?
Love it, we need to hit more states. That’s the true essence of trees anyway. A medicinal purpose.

Whats the best activity to do while your high?
I like to be in sponge mode. Taking in new sounds & inspiration, so listening to music while driving, watching films & having sex. Boom!

How does marijuana influence your creative process?
Like I said, it’s great for my input process. It’s all about absorption with me. What I take in determines what I spit out. Simply.

You got a half ounce of kush but there’s no rolling papers, what do you do?
My vaporizer. Stay ready so you dont gotta get ready.

Could you stop smoking cold turkey?
Yup. Do it every so often to exercise control. Most niggas say “I can quit when I want”, and I actually do it. You got to cycle off. Can’t eat chicken everyday. At least not me.

Favorite strand of bud?
Larry OG

Favorite munchie food?
Anything creole or mexican. The flavors are unmatched seasoning wise. I dont munch, I dine.

If you can smoke with anyone. Who and why?
Quincy jones and Malcolm little.

Who is the worst person to smoke with?
Cant remember, ‘I stopped smoking wit haters back in ’94” – Pimp C

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