Interview: Stevie Crooks

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Stevie Crooks deep in hostile contemplation. (Photo Cred. Michael Morales)

Greedmont Park: What’s your deal,man?  Bring us into the Villain world. What would you tell someone on first meet if they asked what kind of music you make?

Stevie Crooks: Darth Vader Eating Caviar with Mobb Deep.

GP: So of course you come from a lineage of Cali spitters that have a bi-coastal flow. How has that worked in your favor?

SC: To be honest. Its nothing but love from my fans the style I have me & the homies call NewYorkaFornia

It’s east coast and westcoast in a blender. These days juxtapose are becoming quite normal its dope to see how creative people have become with mixing things up to make one  thing  perfect example is ASAP Rocky he got the texas flow with NY roots , Curren$y  got that westcoast vibe but is from N.O shit like that tends to make dope ass music.

GP: Give us some history. How did you get rapping and when did you know this was something you can do well and do at a pro level?

SC: I knew I loved hip hop at a young age but it got real around like 1997. Wu Tang Forever came out double disc! I’d play that shit over and over and over for hours.I think 01′ was the year I knew this was what I wanted to do. Sticky Fingaz came out with the auto biography of Kirk Jones that was in my opinion a MASTERPIECE and Mobb Deep came out with Infamy which had that “Burn” record! That’s when I knew I wanted to do it.

GP: Your 4 albums deep. The first being the CSTC Mixtape, then Diamond & Guns, The World Is Not Enough, and now VLNS NVR DIE. What has the progression been like from album to album?

SC: It’s been a journey ,I’ve learned so  much from then to now just business wise . I’m more knowledgeable of the path/road i’d like to go down as far as the music making aspect. From CSTC to VLNSNVRDIE i’ve matured a whole lot from delivery to the live show stepped up heavy, but even with that being said I still have plenty of growing to do the key is to remain humble, be a sponge and keep it gully.

GP: So tell me about you new album,VLNS NVR DIE ? What are you trying to get across?

SC: That question can be answered in so many different ways but i’ll simplify it. In the society we live in Whats considered Good Is Bad & whats Bad is Good The truth is covered with lies and Vanity is at the most high. If someone is broadcasting THE TRUTH in society instead of being a hero he or she is The Villain. This sums up the true aim VLNSNVRDIE is trying to get across. Of course with a splash of that RAW hiphop that missing.

GP: The rap world seems to be missing that agressive content to a degree. Whats the source of your angst?

SC: That in fact is one of the reasons  im a fan of the golden era Where aggressive MC reigned champ. I come from that cloth. A lot of rappers now don’t Study the art or respect the pioneers . they think they can buy a mic  write some foolery  be a rapper No Nigga that’s not how it goes. These days rappers lack the abilities and courage to stand for something and fight for it. Yo some of these niggas goals is to chill with hoes and smoke all day but play on playa. I just know with HIPHOP we have the power to lead, Encourage ya know make a nigga wanna get up and do shit and sometimes the best way to do it in rap is aggressively telling them get up and do shit nigga… stop wasting time.

GP: What’s next for you?

SC: More shows, more Colllabs, more  traveling, more Villainy,a lot more dope music & more steps towards taking over!!

GP: If there was one message you could leave with that would me a mission statement for what you do… what would it be?

SC: If you choose to Die,Die Empty make sure everything inside of you gets out so you will live forever!

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