Travis – “Moving” [VIDEO]

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I found this video for the band Travis’ “Moving” track to be quite fascinating. I wasn’t sure if it was some sort of green screen used or post-production special effects, so I did a little investigating. The video was directed by the duo Wriggles and Robins, aka Tom Wrigglesworth and Matt Robinson. It inspires me to continue pushing the extent of my creativity. Here’s a look into their process:

“Using the band’s warm breath in a freezing cold warehouse along with projected animation, you watch swimmers, sharks, ships, and whales tumble forth from each band member’s mouth. It’s a technique Wriggles & Robins came up with on a cold morning last year. ‘We weren’t sure whether it would actually work,’ they said. ‘So that evening we took a home projector out into the garden and to our surprise, if you filmed it from the right angle, the image actually showed up really vividly.’ It was all shot in-camera with no post-production involved. They just made sure it was cold enough to allow for back-projected animation to be seen within the visible breath. It’s a simple yet inspiring effect, especially watching a ghostly runner tear through the air or a whale attempt to swim inside an open mouth.”

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