Hot Peez – “DiBiase” [VIDEO]

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A lot of good music often misses the ears of their intended audience. The reasons often vary. I was suppose to review this full project last month. I’ve been riding and listening to “8585” since it dropped early December, but I haven’t found the words to explain why it’s so slept on. With one listed feature and no blatant cosigns, one is to wonder if that’s the only way to get people to notice your craft?

Today, the New Orleans to Houston rapper Hot Peez released his video for Track 12 from “8585.” In my opinion, it’s one of his most seasoned projects to date with it’s lyrical content and solid production (which includes both, Johnny Juliano and Sledgren). As one of my favorite tracks, this song makes me feel like PayDay. When your bills are paid and everything is going right. “That’s that DiBiase!”

Shot and Directed by Archetype Films

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