Young Lyxx ft. K Camp – We Winnin + Interview

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We recently chopped it up with Young Lyxx about his new single “We Winnin” feat K-Camp and his up and coming 2015 release with Mayhem! Check out the new song and interview below.

GP : How has 2014 been for you? What’s your most memorable highlight?

YL : 2014 has been a very blessed year. My most memorable higglight has been the release of my last single “With The Homies” and the overwhelming support of me and the record. It was the perfect set up for my new single with K-Camp.

GP : Being from San Diego, how does the music scene differ from there to ATL?

YL : San Diego gave me a lot of character and my whole steez but Atlanta supports independent artist.

GP : How were you and K Camp able to get together for the new record?

YL : We have been friends for years. We have done hella records together. We actually shot a video together a few years back. (HERE) When I got ready to start working on my new album I reached out to him and told him I had a record for him to get on and he liked the record and did his verse.

GP : Who do you plan on working with in the future?

YL : I would definitely love to work Travis $cott and Tory Lanez. I am a fan of both of them as artist.

GP : What’s the title of the new project and when is the expected release date?

YL : My next project is titled “Young N Mayhem.” It’s a collaborative EP with a dope dj by the name of Mayhem. There is no set release date but definitely by January 2015.

GP : What can we expect from this project?

YL : You can expect the world of MAYHEM clashes with the world of YOUNG LYXX. Sonically it’s like EDM meets RAP.

GP : What’s your favorite track from the project and why?

YL : My favorite song on Young N Mayhem is Young N Made its my favorite song because it represents my movement.


GP : What/who are you listening to while your not making your own music?

YL : I listen to a lot of my friends music because I like to hear what they are putting out plus I like being in the loop. In my travel time I listen to Jhene Aiko and Kadhja Bonet because their music is real chill and allows me to just zone out from everything.

GP : Lastly, where can people stay in touch with you and find your previous work?

YL : People can follow me on snapchat/instagram/twitter/facebook: @YoungLyxx
My soundcloud link is
You can always search me on itunes as well.
My website is

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