“If You Know The Words, Feel Free” Official Trailer

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This looks like its gonna be pretty dope, cant wait to peep it out next week!

An idea we all have to confront as adults is we don’t always know what the hell we’re doing, even when we think we do. Sean Fahie, a visual artist and local renaissance man is at the center of a conundrum many a creative soul has encountered; “So what exactly are you doing with your creativity?” Turning to a diverse circle of colleagues for answers, ranging from musicians to painters, fashion designers and BMX riders, this film is an exploration of a creative culture and community of people all with varying life experiences and backgrounds providing insight on living while struggling for your passion.

Directed by Artemus Jenkins

Premieres Friday October 16th, 2015

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Co-Founder | Marketing Director RapSinger AwaretheGod.com

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