5 More People Metro Boomin Shouldn’t Trust

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The dawn of 2016 saw the crowning of a new arbiter of cultural merit, Atlanta Producer Metro Boomin. With everyone from Ben Carson to Forbes Magazine discussing Metro’s ascent Greedmont would like to take a look at five more public figures that deserve the ultimate scrutiny from Mr. Boomin’.
1 – Prime Minister David Cameron – Can Metro (or America for that matter) really trust a guy who allegedly performed necrophilia on a pig during his college years? I think not.
2 – Jared Fogle (Former Subway Spokesperson) - When your company’s spokesperson is a monster pedophile your brand legacy is as nauseating as your subs.
3 – Hulk Hogan - He was always a punchline but we used to all participate in the laugh. Unfortunately only a real bigot talks about his daughter’s racial dating restrictions mid-sex romp. No thanks, brother.
4 – Martin Shkreli – Who would trust a guy who jacks the cost of the only AIDS medication up five THOUSAND percent? Get ‘Em
5 – Bill Cosby – Kanye trolling aside,  when America’s dad breaks your trust he’s gotta go.
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