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Shakara West Press Photo 2

How The West Was Won. Shakara West is a true artist and crafstman. On her debut offering “For The Love Of Music (Vol.1)” West takes a stroll down memory lane and honors the music that influenced her career. From “Blackstreet” to “Babyface” the ATL songstress exhibits her prowess as a writer and performer.

Shakara West Is A Revelation. The singer-songstress turns convention on it’s head with her unique blend of contemporary grooves and honest songwriting. Her debut effort “FTLOM (For The Love Of Music)” is an homage to the sounds and stars that influenced her musical upbringing. Already known across Americas as the voice of Queen Virgin Remy hair, Shakara is ready to lend her ubiquity to universal songwriting. Whether she’s addressing scorned love on “Mya” or vulnerable romance on “Jagged Edge” West addresses the audience with refreshing transparency. Shakara West is the brightest star to emerge from ATL’s 20 year cultural renaissance. Turn the lights off.

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