Greedmont Exclusive: London Artist Choze Has ‘Nothing To Lose’ In 2018

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London Calling. UK emcee Choze ambitions stretch beyond the pond to international waters. Whether he hits the stage with The Grime Violinist or unpacks a movie inside a music video with “Name and Face” Choze has something to say. We caught up with London’s hottest prospect and spoke to him about his upcoming video “Nothing To Lose” and how collaborations and the internet have broken foreign barriers. Get Choze! 

We caught a sneak preview of your upcoming video “Nothing To Lose”. What were some of your favorite animated music videos when you were a kid?

Well thats a good question as there are too many to mention but… off the top of my head right now?  I would say.

Peter Gabriel – Sledge Hammer
A-Ha – Take On Me
Pink Flloyd – Another Brick In The Wall
Elvis Costello – Accidents Will Happen

London’s far more eclectic musically than people give it credit for. What’s the most slept on music scene in the city?

Mine! Nah I’m kidding, to be honest there is not a scene that’s slept on because of the internet and thats a great thing. Everyone has access to all genres now, which helps each scene grow bigger and better.

You’ve performed frequently with The Grime Violinist since the top of the year. What about her creativity creates such great energy on stage?

First and Foremost She is an amazing talent and person to work with, the chemistry that we have on stage is dope. Her interpretation of my music brings it a new life, to be honest I can’t describe the energy or creativity. It just works. I can’t wait for the world to hear more of what she has got in store.

When will you head to the states? Atlanta’s known for our wide range of musical tastes we’d embrace you with open arms!

I am hoping to be visiting you guys pretty soon. It would be amazing to even collaborate with ATL artists when I’m down there! I appreciate the love already!  Thank you!

Watch the stunning visuals for “Name and Face” and stay tuned for the launch of “Nothing To Lose” this spring!

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