Exclusive: Cream Team Chicago Are “Greatest Show On Earth”

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Greatest Show On Earth. Cream Team Chicago are the embodiment of the post millennial pop stars. Rooted in HIp-Hop, Turk and Donnie Macc know how to reach beyond standard urban audiences and connect globally. We sat down with Chicago’s most dynamic duo to talk about music they’ve released and what we can expect in 2018.

“Welcome To Chicago” was immediately relatable. How long did it take to craft the preview project?

Welcome to Chicago was done in a short period of time.  All the songs were created within 7 days.  It was from an overflow of emotion because our lil sister Keanna had passed and the hurt was still fresh. Woke Up symbolizes how each day would start.  The emotion that we were dealing with…  Not Mine stemmed from the feeling we had from the support we gained from our people.  They showed up for us!!  Gave much love and support!!  Carpe Diem-because our lil sister was such a fan of our music, it pushed us even harder.  “Live Life to The Fullest”. You also start playing the guilt game with yourself.  Thinking about if we had the means we could’ve got different doctors, or if we were in a better position we could’ve avoided what happened.

“Fly” is a really seductive record. How does “Key 2 Life” differ from “Fly” sonically? Fly, we were just having fun. 

Playin around talking and pulled together a nice song.  Key2Life was made with intent.  We put big thought into it because it was a big deal!  We had to have a song dedicated to our lil sister.  It had to be the title of our project.  Period!

You guys are very charismatic in front of the camera. How do you guys turn on the electric energy when the lights are on?

Donnie Macc-The electric energy is always on!  I can’t help it!  I was born like this!  Turk the Champ-It’s a natural flow.  With Donnie Macc being so energetic, you can’t help but to feed off it.

Sports are an indelible part of Chicago culture. What team do you think most represents what Cream Team Chicago is about?

The Cubs represent us because their win was a long time coming.  They’re the most historic team in Chicago sports!  That’s what we on!  They finally got their due!  Even during the period of time that they hadn’t reached the ultimate goal yet, their support system kept fuelng their engine.  Loyalty…  People pock with us because they see; they know it’s coming….

Stream Cream Team’s “Family” single below and stay tuned for an exciting announcement on the duo this spring! 

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