Exclusive: Al Koleon Talks Evolution, Quality Over Quantity & Hip-Hop’s Baby

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Still Blazing. Al Koleon’s etched his own legacy from a unique identity and a fervent fanbase. A New Jersey native, Koley’s conquered the midwest with his unique merger of east coast lyricism and accessible songwriting. We spoke with the Outfitt Music CEO about his forthcoming project “Grindin Season” and why fans come first.

Hip-Hop artists rarely have both a strong internet presence and a hardcore street following. How’ve you managed to combine the worlds without compromising your style?

Just staying true to myself and giving Them real content to relate with.

You harmonize and use melody in your music. Did that come naturally to add that into your sound or did it evolve over time?

It evolved with time. I don’t like to sound the same on every Record. So I’m always experimenting with sounds & styles.

Where did the Koleon part of your name stem from? Was it a name given to you in a previous life(style) or was it created when you decided to rap?

It was established when I decided to rap professionally. But I use to tag the name in the neighborhood when I was a Kid a lot so it stuck with Me.

You have a deep catalogue and your fans not only stream your music but buy a LOT of physical copies. What would you say is the ultimate “fan favorite” record that people need to hear when you hit the stage?

Most definitely Hip Hop’s Baby.

You have a HUGE cult following. They not only go to your shows but buy all the products from your clothing line Hip-Hop’s Baby. How do you explain the loyalty from your fanbase?

I give Them quality over quantity with My Music,Clothing,and everything I do. Had to establish that connection.
Watch “In The Field” below, visit KushworldKoley.com today x stay tuned for more fresh music from Al Koleon All 2018! 

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