Lean On Me: Leroy Green Is A Pillar Of His Community

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Legends are made in the shadows. Leroy Green’s been quietly crafting a legacy set to impact like a tidal wave. When Elliott Wilson’s RESPECT Magazine isn’t singing the praises of his latest video “Monetary Gain” Green’s deep in the trenches reshaping his community. This summer Leroy launches LYPHLine Media, a multimedia compound in Hammond Indiana. We sat down with the CEO of all things indie to talk 2018 and beyond. On LYPH.

You always get ambitious with the visuals. How much have movies impacted your decision to go big with your music videos?

I grew up on Kung Fu, Schwarzenegger, and Stallone flicks as a shorty. Later It transitioned into hood films. Me and my homies would spend days causing mayhem on the block. Slinging crabapples to snowballs at passing traffic in the hood, whatever it took to get that day’s adrenaline rush, we was on it!  Once I began penning songs I would envision a movie for my verses. I guess you can say I was writing scores in a way. This is the way I approach songwriting. Incorporating  themes from movies that impacted my childhood when shooting my videos, allows my fans a visual entry into my psyche as a artist.

Atlanta’s been known as a hotbed for all things new for nearly twenty years. What similarities and differences are there between Atlanta and your hometown of Hammond?

To be honest I don’t see many similarities between us. On the music side, Atlanta supports their hip-hop habitat. There is A3C and events of that nature that you can tap into as a artist on his grind. We got The “August Fest”…I mean “Festival of Lakes” which is nothing more than one big carnival with a major headlining performance. You on your own here in “The Region.” Don’t dare look for no co-sign my dude! You can hang that up! All this talent we have here and nobody’s developed a Master P mentality yet! The last movements to come out of Indiana was Thugged Out, The Grind Family, and Ric Jilla  prior to Gibbs reign. We have to plug with Chicago’s music scene in order to be taken seriously. You better get familiar with the “mob politics” while you at it. We’ve become too paranoid with this gang  culture. There is 20-30 year old feuds that still governs how we move out here. Over the past few years it’s let up a little but then someone gets released or something trifling happens to reopen the wounds.

Your personal style is very mystic-looking and almost superhero like. Did you like any comic books growing up and did that inform your fashion sense?

I ain’t gonna lie…I used to collect Spider-Man, Superman, Silver Surfer, Avengers, comic books back in the day. I would go to KayBee’s and steal hundreds of dollars worth of the action figures too! Straight clepto! My mama was a stone fox in her day, (as she would say) I get my fashion sense from her. I just add ideas from my creative mind to the garms ya dig!

Why is Hammond so important to your personal story? It takes a lot to build a business in your hometown.

I’ve been here all my LYPH. I’ve survived through gang wars, indictments, overdoses, and spiritual warfare on the streets of the HMD. I was the poorest kid in my neighborhood. Yet the rich values I carry with me till this day were birthed here. I’ve been to London, France, Poland, Amsterdam, and Russia all thanks to how Hammond molded me. I’m an extension of this Ole’ Fashun way of LYPH. This new generation needs to know that there is big homies that care about their welfare. When my brother from another mother Dirty P Thirty created the LYPH concept I knew we had a movement on our hands. I vowed to take it global. I’m just helping to rebuild these streets I once helped to destroy.

What’s planned for the big launch of LYPHLine? Party? Concert? Mix?

It will definitely be a mix of both. My team and I have been reaching out to a few heavy hitters in the game to bless the grand opening as well. I’ll be dropping my album too so a portion of the night will be a listening party. If you’ve never been to a LYPH OF THE PARTY event you don’t know what your missing! We gets It in family!

What is the most misunderstood aspect of running your own business? How does it differ from the flowery notions provided in rap songs?

I think the biggest misconception is you have all this free time and your ballin’ out of control as a business owner. That’s simply not the case. The reality is your dedicating 12 to 16hrs a day in addition to whatever else your regular day consists of. Every new business owner starts off in the red. Maxed out credit cards, professional and private  loans that you must pay back. Even if you come out of pocket like myself you still won’t see a profit for a few years. Make sure your money stream can carry your business for at least a year if your independent so you won’t suffer the ridicule.

What is the one term you want to define your legacy by when all is said and done?

“It’s not what you know…It’s what you can prove.” Shout out “Above The Law.”

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