Starr Time: Oliviah Starr Talks, Maturity, Music & Modelling (Greedmont Exclusive)

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A Starr Is Born. Oliviah Starr is the perfect renaissance woman in a post millennial feminist world. The Ohio maven is actress, model, recording artist and activist is a preteen but mastered the art of the possible. We spoke with the next princess in pop culture to see how she plans to turn the world upside down.

You’re working on your debut music project. Are you covering popular music or is it original material?
For my debut music project, I am covering all original material. My music expresses my life, my feelings, concerns and problems people go through in the world, and much more.

You’re a spokesperson for the Live Out Loud Charity. How did become an advocate for such a serious issue at such an early age?
The reason I became an advocate for suicide prevention and anti-bullying is because, I began being bullied in pre-school. The feelings and hurt I felt led me to not wanting other kids to feel that way.

You’ve been a runway model from a very early age. Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?
Some of my favorite fashion designers are Mel Duran, Nancy Vuu, Lulu et Gigi, and Anzhelika Crochet just to name a few.

Ohio is seen as a blue collar state. How would your life be different if you lived in New York or LA?
Though, I Love Ohio (GO BUCKS!!) living in cities like NYC and LA would bring more opportunities within the entertainment industry for my age.

You’re very confident at a young age. What gave you the ability to put yourself out there in the public and deal with criticism?

I believe that God has given me this confidence for a reason. I also always have the close and tight support of my family. Lastly, I’ve learned and teach core character development. Knowing to love yourself is the best gift and feeling ever.

Do you feel pressure to represent all young women pursuing their dreams?
Not really, because we are all humans and mistakes happen in life. It’s all about how you stay positive and overcome those obstacles. Showing others that we’re all the same and have the same chances at an opportunity to pursue their dreams is a great feeling.

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