Exclusive: Black3Theory Talk Trends, Texas and Timelessness In New Interview

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‘In Plain Sight’ sounds so polished as a project. How long did it take to craft the project and did you deliberately make such a diverse project?  

It took about 6 months if that long, Also yes we were trying to make it as versatile as possible to show the world our range of music and try something new while at the same time keep it Black3Theory.

The artwork for the single is haunting. What was the inspiration of the silhouette in the eyeball? 

The meaning behind the cover art is basically is to show/tell people that though you may not know who we are, We’ve been here and now its time for the world to see us.

‘Shine Through The Shade’ is the first video. How did you come to the decision to use that as the first single?

Sometimes there could be a lot going on in life that my be overwhelmingly. But its always a good decision to stay positive thus “Shining through the shade”. We just really wanted to help branch out that thought process. Also to be honest we just love the record. Its something fun that the fans can sing along with us and we thought it would just bring it to another level with visuals.

IPS shows a lot of growth from your debut project. What happened in your personal life that spawned such a drastic change?

I guess you can say a change of environment spawned it. We were just in a really good space to be able to work and in turn be more creative. Not only that, We were just living life just like anyone else and as we grow so does are craft and abilitys. 

If people are just discovering  Black3Theory ‘IPS’ what do you want the new audience to understand about the group?

We just want them to know we appreciate every individual for being apart of this with us. Without ya’ll are train don’t move so we Thank and Love ya’ll. Also, we want them know there is much more in to come no matter if you support us or not. 

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