Exclusive: Chicago Native Vell Da General Tells Us What “FYF Means”

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Stand at attention. Vell Da General is a Chicago native that beats to his own drum. The midwest maven has a way with words and hasn’t compromised his artistic integrity amidst the influx of mumble rap in the social media age. Vell’s music has the grit of an NY subway and the witticisms that left the milieu of the culture at the turn of the century. How does Vell stay true? Why is he succeeding despite the trends? We sat down to figure it all out.

You’re a glass of filtered water in a city drunk off mumble and drill rap. How difficult has it been to stay true to your sound when everyone’s speeding through the next social media trend?

It hasn’t been difficult keeping my sound because I love hip hop. It’s been difficult listening to the radio however. I know my music is timeless and I couldnt give a fuck about what’s trending knowing my music is timeless.

How does Chicago perceive you since you go against the grain of what’s popular?

Chicago perceives me as a legend in the near future lol presently they know I have a different sound, hustle, and even dress different. Some lowkey tell me I’m great and some just love that other mumble rap and can’t relate. 

You’ve performed in Atlanta on a handful of occasions. How are ATL crowds different from the Chicago audience?

Atlanta show a different kind of support and loves to network once they see you perform and like it. Chicago has a crab in the barrel mentality but I love rocking out at Sub T in Chicago and Apache Cafe in ATL.

You plan to be on a rampage this year with a ton of new music? What’s the inspiration behind the onslaught?

The music is garbage! I’m tired of seeing and hearing these weak rappers over the air. I know my music is dope but I had to overstand the business behind the music scene. Now after studying and experiencing how things work I’m ready to go HARD! It’s time to show some Growth and Development! 

What surprises does Vell have us his sleeve for the rest of 2018?

Would be a Surprise if I told you. Just stay tuned! 
Stream “FYF Means” Below x Stay Tuned For An Explosive 2018 For Vell Da General! 

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