Soul By The Pound: K.Swoe ‘s Style Could Reset Midwest Music

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You started with music in the church before becoming a recording artist. What was the biggest lesson from church you took into your music? 
The biggest lesson I took from church into my music is to put God first at ALL times. I know that sounds cliche but my father, a wise man, always told me that the reason it’s important to put God first is to keep from putting yourself on a pedestal and taking life for granted. It reminds me where and Who my talents and abilities come from. It humbles me. It keeps me from taking myself too serious because this is all temporary. That translates directly into my creations and the amount of effort I put into my music to make it last and to make it matter. Everything is significant. Nothing is for nothing. I’m grateful.
Your whole fashion style is very mature. Where do your affinity for 70s and 90s style clothing stem from? 
I’m an old soul. My parents listened to a lot of classic music like The Chi-Lites, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight and so on. I grew up in the church where the men wore suits and fancy shoes with the buckle. My style is heavily influenced by an older brother from the church I grew up in; the same man that taught me to be a gentleman. It’s a grown man thing. The homburg I wear on my head is reminiscent of a time when it was normal for men to wear hats and suits. Men of a certain age made themselves distinguished and I wanted to transfer that idea into my presentation and sound. In contrast I’m also a 90’s baby and grew up heavily influenced by 90’s hip hop culture. 
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The chords on your debut single ‘Free Before Midnight’ are very reminiscent of early 90s house music. Did that genre have any impact on your style?
If I’m honest, when I was making “Free Before Midnight” it hadn’t crossed my mind. Now that I think of it I’d say yes, it was indeed influenced by early 90’s electronic music as well as Disco. As a young kid, the airy, provocative feelings from songs like “Gypsy Woman”, “Ring My Bell” and “Barbie Girl” were so sensational to me. This was before Youtube so I would only hear these songs every blue moon, on some random night on some random radio station. But the feeling was a feeling I never forgot. I try to recreate that feeling in my music often and I think it showed in my single “Free Before Midnight“. 
Your debut project ‘The Gathering’ is about transitioning from one station of your life. When did you decide you’d commit to music as a career? 
 I made the decision to commit to my music as a career when I realized I was sick of the rat race. The idea that 8 or more hours a day of my precious time belongs to someone else makes me sick. I want to get off the wheel and make my own path. Music is my gift and this is my path. I recently read a quote that said “The purpose of life is to discover your gift, and the meaning of life is giving it away”. That part. 
Who would be your dream collaboration (any genre)? 
There are SO MANY artists I want to collaborate with. I want to work with Solange, Jaden Smith, T-Pain, Sade, The Hics, Coldplay, James Blake, SZA, Jill Scott, Phil Collins, Kimbra.. I could go on forever. But if I had to choose just one I think I would choose Gotye and Kanye West on the same project. The idea gives me chills.
Above all else what does K.Swoe represent? 
Above all else, KSwoe represents LOVE, FREEDOM, HAPPINESS, and CREATIVE EXPRESSION. Chuuch!


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