Ultimate Phandom: Phan The Konnect Man Writes His Own Ticket For Success

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Get Konnected. OKC native turned ATL transplant Phan The Konnect Man is a jack of all trades sonically. From the pensive Scotty ATL collab “Presidents” to the rambunctious “Prolly So” Phan has what the listeners want. We sat down with Phan to discuss his music output for 2018 and why this year is different for OKC’s favorite son.

You just returned to OKC to build out a public recording studio and build the city’s scene. A few years prior you spent a few years in the ATL scene. What were the biggest things you brought back to OKC from your time in Atlanta?

I brought back a better understanding of how the industry works from Atl .  If you want it you gotta get off yo ass and  beat the streets! Also I learned that your network is your net worth. 

“Prolly So” sounds like a classic Gucci Mane track in the making. We also heard “Like Gucci” which is fiending for a remix. When you lived in Atlanta did you ever work with the Brick Squad camp?

 I mess with Gucci Mane’s music and his grind tough. Man I’d go crazy with a Gucci remix on dat like Guccie track. I put in a lil work with his old  lable mate OJ da Juice Man that got that Gutta brick squad 1017 so icy  sound.. them joints bang! 

You seem very comfortable on melodic tracks like “Feel Like”. Was that a learned skill or were you singing and harmonizing from an early age?

I grew up on soul and funk music mane. I love melodies! I never been a singer but when I pull my alter ego ” Konfi ” out, I sang! I give you that I don’t care if I’m in tune or not, real authentic feeling. So it was instilled in me at an early age but I polished it over years of working on it. 

You just founded Werkhouse Studios. How do you envision it operating five years from now?

In 5 years from now I see WeRK house studios as a major outlet for Oklahoma artist to master their skills and products and get their art in the right hands. A mf powerhouse!  I gave em 2 cds last year but I actually dropped 3 cds in 1 years time ya dig. This year I got some crazy projects dropping! 2 new Phan cds. “Socket Watchers, and Its Gon Be A Fee 2″ also dropping a joint cd with Trell Tha Trilla ” Plug Brothers ” and you know I always gotta release a couple circuit leaks as well. You know a few songs just to stay on they mind. 

Last year you released two projects. What material can people expect from you this year?

Where i grew up and in my household, you couldn’t be weak. Criticism is just fuel to check yourself with. Stay on yo ish and keep growing. I always been a performer. Talent shows, contest, plays, whatever. It’s a love and lt was a way out for me . Can’t worry about what people say to a certain extent. run it! Ain’t no extra pressure that I ain’t already have, ever came from what I do with this music platform. As a man with a talent and a dream, I’m just doing me to help me and mine. If you can be inspired by what and how I do, then get you money mane! I wanna see erbody in a better position. But you gotta put that work in. Pressure on you
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