High Altitude: Jay Holmes Talks Perception, Progress & Propaganda In First Interview

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High Altitude. Texas recording artist Jay Holmes is in rarified air. The Distinguished Records artist turns modern Hip-Hop convention as it’s head, using styles and techniques against their less insightful practitioners. His debut ‘Between The Lines’ is an exercise in contrast; sonics and cadencing that connect with the radio but subject matter that cut through like a Joni Mitchell record. We sat down with the Lonestar state’s latest music maven to discuss the genesis of his rookie effort and why we should expect the unexpected.

Seguin Texas isn’t known as a reputable haven for Hip-Hop. What was your experience with the genre growing up?

Texas has always had its own genre i.e. screwed and chopped music . I have seen people no one has ever heard make millions and never leave the State. Truly inspiring

Nearly every genre’s embraced (on a large scale) concepts of subversion and multi-layered meanings for content. Why do you think Hip-Hop is stuck in two

dimensional concepts?

Stuck isn’t a word would I use. Everything is always moving forward at different speeds.

T.Woods is a frequent collaborator and labelmate. Do you motivate/inspire each other to create or do you work in your own worlds?

We do both . Moderation is key .

Your writing has a lot more ‘space’ in it than typical Hip-Hop tracks. What inspired you to take more time with your rapping as opposed to tongue twisting?

I can baste a turkey in 30 seconds . You would tase it but not enough to form Your own opinion . Same concept

Does your live show have as an unorthodox an approach as your music?

For the most part they aren’t. I feel like that would be pushing an agenda.

How does social media and streaming change the way people perceive artists?

Absolutely. Perception is reality . What I show you is real if that’s all I show you .

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