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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – If You Didn’t See Me (Data Remix)

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Data Remix takes its spin on Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. ‘If You Didn’t See Me (then you weren’t on the dance floor) and kompletely murks it. listen to it above.

A Faded Ape [Teaser]

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Rochester Buckhead Agency is a high end streetwear brand that anounced itself to the Atlanta fashion scene in 2010. Stepping out from behind the scenes and away from their roots designing for others, this will be the brands’ first official release since their Morehead from Spelman crewnecks two years ago.

Streetwear connoisseurs might notice the similarities between A Bathing Ape and A Faded Ape, as well as recognize famed Bathing Ape mascot, as the muse for the Faded Ape design. Designer Rachet Bond developed a detailed design concept to give the character a more mature and urban makeover, complete with a dutchmaster in his mouth. the design incorporates the words “A Faded Ape” to signify being under the influence, and the numbers “1990″ to commemorate the year designer, Rachet Bond, came into existence. The shirt is a tribute to the powerhouse that is A Bathing Ape

Shirts are produced in limited quantities. To order directly, email with details or order from or

Fractures – Twisted [Video]

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Born out of studio experimentation, Fractures is the moniker of Mark Zito. Fascinated by different genres, Fractures explores the different and disparate styles that have influenced Mark with an output that is musically innovative and unique with his dark, atmospheric songs building to climaxes through their precise arrangements

Lovelife – Your New Beloved [Video]

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promising Brooklyn-based band with Lee Newell and Ally Young as its members.

Practice Bravery – Friends & Foes

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After giving us Arena,  Practice Bravery (Brandon Rossi x Villa) have returned in a more serious tone with ‘Friends & Foes’ putting the scope on fair-weather friends.

Brandon Rossi and Villa are two who’ve experienced the negatives of friendships, relationships, family and the music business.  Villa who speaks about dealing with broken friendships and trying to continue to preserve the select few he has left. Rossi, who expresses dealing with people you think we’re one thing, but turn out to be something completely different. After working on a slew of records together, Rossi and Villa have joined forces to create their own personal umbrella titled practice bravery.


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Ted Joyner and Grant Wilmer met as freshman in high school in baton rouge, la. they go as a group callled generationals. got a lil britpop, some dance and electronic poknig through the trumpet stabs and abbey road compression on their analog 24-track recordings.


Villa – Pack Light II Travel Far [Album Trailer]

Thursday, February 21, 2013 by | No Comments | Category: Music

After dropping one of the dopest tapes last year alongside Brandon Rossi who handled the production, Villa prepares to re-pack and go further than your average man. The project drops monday on feb. 25th and is something you should be sitting by your computer for at the top of next week.

Rome Fortune – Beautiful Pimp [Album Download]

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After dropping LOLO half a year ago giving you gems like ‘SfT‘, things have evolved and Rome has joint forces with HPG and added a new member to his family (King Fortune) he returns with conviction in a more serious tone. Rome has been one of the DOPEST YOUVE NEVER HEARD OF but now with the right team it’s going to be presented on the right platform it deserves.

The production is in-house with HPG for the most part(Dj Spinz, C4, Childish Major) and a few features with atlanta-baesed artists (Villa, Wara, Nique, Fortebowie, Miloh Smith, Kebu) I would speak on the album but i would rather your first time listening be free of my opinion for the fear of incepting yours. Everyone has their own truths, think for yourself. Though what i will say is, the last time I was this satisfied with not only the project but the movement was ScHoolboy Q + ‘Habits N Contradictons’. Thats big.

DOWNLOAD/Stream: Rome Fortune – Beautiful Pimp [Album]


FTHRSN – What Do I Want TO Be When I Grow Up [Audio]

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crafted in a bedroom ducked off in Ann Arbor, Michigan comes FTHRSN (pronounced Father-Son). He recently dropped “Middle School Swag” a 7-song EP thats reminiscent of apple juice boxes and yes, no, maybe notes. listen to the full project below

Wara From The NBHD – The Ill Street Blues [Mixtape]

Saturday, February 16, 2013 by | 1 Comment; | Category: Music

Originally hailing from Brooklyn, the new atlanta resident Wara drops his first official project The Ill Street Blues as it debuts as the first release from the independent label Playin Four Keeps Recordings feauturing collabs with Rome FortuneMiloh SmithTwo-9 with production from Lefthandmitch, Childish Major, +more.  TISB is conceptually dope from the beginning to end never straying far from the blues sticcin to the script. Be on the lookout for him to hit tour alongside Rome.