DOPE. Design


      Very Artistic. Designer Pavel Sidorenko turns Vinyl into priceless clock masterpieces… I LOVE people that think outside the box.                                                                                            Click here to view more designs.

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Lisa Yuskavage Art Painting

Lisa Yuskavage

When it comes to contemporary art, we tend to focus on emerging  artists with newer works. But you can’t forget about the artists who have already established themselves in the art world. New York

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Tokyo Tribe Art Music Rap Toys

Tokyo Tribe

Tokyo Tribe is a manga/anime created by the great Santa Inoue. Think about having different tribes (coolest tribe/gang: Musashino Saru) spread out all over Tokyo with characters looking like a 90’s FUBU ad wearing bubble

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Made By Monsters x Ron English Toys

Made By Monsters x Ron English

Barney was my favorite when I was little (dontjudgeme)  and Ron English is one of my top artists now, so of COURSE Im coping this Barney Grin T-Rex figure. Perfect way to release my innerchild.. indeed.

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Kesh. Art Daily Inspiration


      “i am alone. i was born alone. raised alone. and i shall die alone. i care for others. but others come and go. even kitty won’t be with me until the

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