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Optimus Pikachu – Neverland EP Alternative/Rock Downloads

Optimus Pikachu – Neverland EP

Producer, Optimus Pikachu (aka Ethereal), perverts a few of Michael Jackson’s classics, by sampling them and adding psychedelic, laid-back hip-hop instrumentals over it. And leaves us with something that sounds halfway between 80’s dance

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The Big Pink – Crystal Vision Alternative/Rock

The Big Pink – Crystal Vision

I first caught these guys within the gritty confinements MJQ performing their song “Velvet”. The Big Pink is a group with the an amazing melodic sound, with the slightest hint of chaos, who’s currently

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City Council – Here I Am Alternative/Rock

City Council – Here I Am

City Council is an alternative-rap group coming out of Macon, GA, comprised of Jubee and Perry Valentine. Simon says “This song is more depressing than the whole Cudi Album”, and that look is an

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