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BPS nation

hello guys this is quite random but, heres a brief history of my biological family the Black Peace Stone Nation, well im not exactly for the whole violence thing but heres where i come

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A.Ware's New Job.

vente aux encheres voiture en ligne After being laid off by Lowe’s, A.Ware decided to follow his dreams and become a pizza truck driver. I’ve never heard of this occupation before, but I bet

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Robocop Rap

httpv:// BTW: This movie is like $5.00 at Target right now. I’m leaving work to go buy it now.

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I also think A.Ware is developing an slight problem with alcohol. I”ve never had a can of Sparks, but it seems like an oxymoron. Mixing an depressant with a stimulant just sounds kinda off. 

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AYO son, Im at this Suburban gas station late last night thirsty as ever so im browsing around the beer section bout to grab a six pack of Peroni and out of the corner

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