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MOVE at Mother ft. DJ Deliver [Tonight]

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 by | No Comments | Category: Entertainment, Events, Music


Tonight we celebrating the homie DJ Deliver birthday at Mother! the lineup dope and plenty of drink specials ! Dont miss it

Sounds provided by : Deliver | Xavier Blk | Nicavitch | Jackmaster Solomon | hosted by: Dres Tha Beatnik

Two Popular Names, One Talented Guy: Introducing Michael Christmas

Monday, April 14, 2014 by | No Comments | Category: Journalism, Rap


As I sit here in the crib on this Monday afternoon watching SportsCenter, it was ironic realizing it’s the anniversary of the Boston bombing and watching how proud the people are of their town and the strength they have,, while I was listening to Michael Christmas’ debut project Is This Art?, at the same time. Despite him being the self-proclaimed, best rapper since Andy Milonakis, and having possibly the greatest last name of all time, I’m really excited for this guy for multiple reasons.  One, the fat dude with big wild hair can really fuckin rap! Two, he’s from Boston and outside of Benzino and House of Pain, I’m not familiar with Boston Hip Hop so his perspective is something different than anything I’ve ever heard. Lastly, he’s  so un-apologetically himself, confident and charismatic, which nine times out of ten, is always a winning combination.   (more…)

Marian Mereba headlining Dogwood Festival [Tonight]

Friday, April 11, 2014 by | No Comments | Category: Culture, Entertainment, Events, Music, RnB/Jazz/Soul



This is gonna be dope, the homie Marian Mereba is headlining Dogwood Festival tonight ! She goes on at 8 and it’s absolutely free, no excuses. See you there :)

denitia and sene – Divided [Video]

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 by | No Comments | Category: Eletronic, Entertainment, Music, Music Video, RnB/Jazz/Soul

Dude this is that crack music for real! Denitia and Sene have been one of my favorite groups for the past year or so but they really delivered with this video and song as a package. Red Bull Sound Select had the honor of premiering this joint. To add to the epicness the homies Christian Rich produced the song and co directed the video smh just Wow! Thats all I can actually say plus keep a close eye on Dentia and Sene because they’re definitely up Next!

Giano Green – Giano Green Who?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 by | No Comments | Category: Entertainment, Music, Music Video, Rap

Chicago resident and Famsquad member Giano Green hits Miami to film “Giano Green Who” an interlude that introduces him as a solo artist. Expect Giano to drop his debut EP this summer.

@FreddieGibbs x @ESGWIZ – On Some G-Shit

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 by | No Comments | Category: Music, Music Video, Rap


Freddie Gibbs currently is on tour for his album he released with Madlib titled Cocaine Pinata, but today he releases a new video to the track ‘On Some G-Shit’ with G-Wiz which was produced by Lifted. Check out this video which features a scene from HBO’s hit drama show, True Detective below.

Source: RapRadar

WarPaint – Disco//Very – Keep It Healthy [Video]

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 by | No Comments | Category: Alternative/Rock, Eletronic, Entertainment, Music, Music Video

Seriously my love for Warpaint runs deep! They always win especially with their new self titled LP that released earlier this year you can cop that HERE  : iTunes:

They looked out for the fans with this one dropping a double video for Disco//Very and Keep It Healthy as one! So dope

MoRuf – Tangerine/her. (Official Music Video)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 by | No Comments | Category: Music, RnB/Jazz/Soul

A couple days ago, Moruf dropped the 2nd visual from his latest project, Shades Of Moo. The video video, Buckle Up was directed by Street Etiquette and displayed Moruf working out a rocky relationship. This video, Tangerine has a completely different vibe, showing a more joyful side of love. Moruf’s soul hop sound fits perfectly with this visual concept. It feels a bit like A Tribe Called Quest and Slum Village, which are obvious influences for Moruf. Check out the video and download Moruf’s Shades Of Moo project if you haven’t done so yet.

Toast To Billie Holiday [Cheeba Cruz x Vulgar Colors]

Monday, April 7, 2014 by | No Comments | Category: Art, Culture, Daily Inspiration, Entertainment, Illustration, Interview, Journalism, Literature, Music, RnB/Jazz/Soul


Happy Birthday Billie Holiday

Cheeba Cruz x Vulgar Colors

The art of giving is the joy of being able to inspire. Today is fond of simplicity as murky weather provokes a calmness meddling into the residents on this block, but the creative juices aren’t yielding. I call artists and creative folks that hang around in bars and café spots in Bedstuy and Bushwick “neighborhood kids.” A couple of those kids, two women, are lounging around an apartment on Tompkins Avenue researching content for projects while sharing always pleasant conversation of stories and laughs. It’s a remedy for the soul to connect with another human being composed of matter of essentially the same as you. The writer and stencil artist, who consists of layered artistic endeavors, talked it out over tea and work when that energy hit of, “IT’S BILLIE HOLIDAY’S BIRTHDAY!” A woman praising another woman is a beautiful art within its natural element. The lovely Lady Day is a mutuality that these two women share whether it’s been exchanged through discussion or not, simply because she oozes a womanhood that is perceived as mentorship—Billie Holiday inspired.

Vulgar Colors sat down today with a creative, intelligent flower who focuses in film, photography and gracefully sits as a pretty beast (visual artist). Celebrating a historical, and still very much so a prominent musical figure and survivor, sprinkled some Fairy God wonders into Izabeau Giannakopolis. As the designer of multiple trades arranged her artistic energy into order she began working on a visual of Ms. Holiday using her pad, a pen and tea. It’s an important factor to spread some light to those who come before us who have totally impacted our hearts with the truth and soul, so VC and Beau are toasting to the same drum. As we cheers to a pioneer and engineer of paving jazz music and superb vocals for singers to adore, we feel warm about providing an editorial and art piece. I fell into a deeper spell-like appreciation for Lady Day after reading more and watching a documentary on her years later from seeing ‘Lady Sings the Blues.

Props are given for highlighting Holiday in Hollywood (more…)

WERC Presents “Vibes” ft LaKim [Thursday]

Monday, April 7, 2014 by | No Comments | Category: Electro, Eletronic, Entertainment, Events, Music, Rap, rewind, RnB/Jazz/Soul


The Werc homies are bringing some excitement to the city this Thursday with “Vibes”! This edition features the sounds of LaKim of “Soulection” along side Xavier BLK,  Ira G and Dj Jamad! Show starts at 11 at Soundtable! Also check out the “Trophies” remix from LaKim below dudes a beast