The Death of Adam Music

The Death of Adam

O.K 88 keys is by far one of the sickest producers imaginable to mankind, check his stats he’s worked with everyone from Black star, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Musiq Soulchild, Consequence, Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Skate Wars. DGK vs Stratosphere Culture Gossip

Skate Wars. DGK vs Stratosphere

httpv:// I’ve been hearing about this brawl that went down between the skaters at Stratosphere and Stevie William’s DGK. Stevie partnered up with DJ Don Cannon to open his new store, Sk8tique, in Little

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Atlanta Indie KITH Rumors… Gossip Music

Atlanta Indie KITH Rumors…

I just got off the phone with Double O from Kidz in the Hall, despite recent rumors they will definitely still be performing at the Atlanta Indie Music Festival this weekend[for $10 cheaper I

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Old school. New skool. Music

Old school. New skool.

I was at the gas station earlier today and I was surprised to see, Asher Roth on the cover of this month’s XXL. The white boy from Pennsylvania hit the scene with his remake

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DJ Klever in the Studio Music

DJ Klever in the Studio

httpv:// DJ Klever has been tearing down the party scene across the globe, from Atlanta to the UK. He has been getting parties, like Sloppy Seconds, cracking with his cohesive blend of electronica and

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Souf Amerikkka Gossip Music

Souf Amerikkka

Ladies and the Atliens! Reggie has a little treat for all you, if you haven’t heard by now I’m releasing a mini mixtape online this month entitled Souf Amerikkka featuring Killer T, Miles Brandon, Smash Simmons, and TOT.

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Kanye West – Robocop Music

Kanye West – Robocop

Damn, I dunno who Kanye has inside of his circle of friends, but his 808 & Heartbreak has been leaking like crazy. Looks like you need to start checking the coat pockets of your

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LupE.N.D. Music


httpv:// Friday night in Chicago, Lupe Fiasco announced that his final album, LupE.N.D, will be a 3 disc with Everywhere, Nowhere and Down Here being the subtitles. I heard rumors about this before hand,

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R.I.P. Jax Music

R.I.P. Jax

Jax of Binkis Recs died last night while doing what he loved most. After suffering from a heart attack onstage at Lenny’s Bar while performing tracks from his solo album, Sharper Images. He was

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If this country crumbles Architecture

If this country crumbles

…I’ve moving to Canada. In Montreal, the Habitat 67 condo complex exists.  The design was created by architect, Moshe Safdie. There are 354 units, a community tennis court, and gardens. The building has been

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