Babymaker3000 Tech


I could play with this thing all day (that’s what she said). I’m talking about VW’s Routan BabyMaker 3000. Check it out. You upload pics of yourself and a loved one or create offspring

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Estevan Oriol Art Culture

Estevan Oriol

The Joker – There is always a fine line. The hood and hollywood.The Gritty and Grimey and the Pretty and Shiny. Estevan is blurring that line. With clients like Justin Timberlake, Forest Whitaker, Xzibit

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GTA Culture


I just ordered a book form Vice called The Vice Photo Book i know its gonna be sick and disgusting lol. I also put in a order for “Istanbul” by this photographer Boogie from

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Anyway Entertainment Music


For the record i just gotta say please stop trying to discredit Kanye West as an artist for his recent attachment to the vocoder plug in, its not the same exact effect that T-Pain

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The Leaders Of The New Cool Music

The Leaders Of The New Cool

Complex Magazine arranged this complitation of young artist who run the so-called ‘hipster’ scene across the country. Hosted by Mick Boogie and DJ Treats, the mixtape features appearances from ATL natives, Supreeme and Donnis,

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Dosa Kim x Jose Quervo Art Culture

Dosa Kim x Jose Quervo

Local artist, Dosa Kim, isn’t so local anymore, after doing a series of billboards and bottles with Jose Quervo’s Essential 1800. Get your hands on one of these limited edition bottles while you can

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Something in Common Music

Something in Common

I had to plug this in since Common is one my favorite artist. Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected joined forces to compile this exclusive mix of rare gems, containing classics, live performances and a few

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shower scene. Home/Furniture

shower scene.

Sam Flores is pretty much an amazing artist and so is his shower curtain. There”s not framing or matting involved, just hang it like you would any plain old, boring shower curtain. Ah,

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we are all consumers Home/Furniture

we are all consumers

Reestore takes ordinary, everyday waste and creates eco-friendly furniture and other accessories for the home. The Annie is a European shopping cart converted into an upright recliner. I think it would be pretty interesting

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