Supreeme Supreeme Events Music

Supreeme Supreeme

I found out about these guys through a close Friend maybe 3 years back, They were like the first group from Atlanta besides Kast that suprised me far as their musical abilities. Every year

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Supra Skytop Culture Fashion

Supra Skytop

Perfect for your New Yorker, Supra has added nubuck to the list of materials they use the Skytop, inspired by Timberland. Available in a variety of colors and materials, the Skateboard Shoe Company have

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T-Pain x Kanye West – “Therapy” Music

T-Pain x Kanye West – “Therapy”

I think everyone can agree that Kanye has seriously been over using the auto tuner lately, but this time he actually raps. Here’s the lastest from two, off T-Pain’s Thr33 Rings album, in the

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Hollyweerd – Buss it Open Music

Hollyweerd – Buss it Open

One of my favorite tracks from my homies from Hollyweerd, the song is by composed the inevitable combination of hip hop and electronica that has had parties jumping for the past year.  Backed by

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The New Polaroid. Tech

The New Polaroid.

The new Zink Digital Camera and Printer allows you to take pictures and print them up on the spot in seconds. Zink is short for Zero Ink, there is no toner or ink required.

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BMW Gina Tech

BMW Gina

It’s just a concept, but thing thing is dope! The idea is a shape shifting car. The Skeleton of the car is controlled by hydralic devices that move and change the actual shape of

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Sam Gibbons Art

Sam Gibbons

I recently discovered the work of Sam Gibbons in Hi-Fructose magazine and immediately feel in love with his style. His paintings are chaotic renderings of symmetrical overlapping and intertwining cartoons simply created to entertain.

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And if you're not busy tomorrow… Art Events

And if you're not busy tomorrow…

you should come check out this awesome opening reception at Young Blood Gallery. I intern at the Utviklingsprosessen for alt fra klassiske spilleautomater til moderne videoslots for mobilen har bare sa vidt begynt. boutique/gallery

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