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Ben Stevenson – Dizzy [Audio]

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Nice sounds for this rainy Tuesday morning. Really diggin this joint!
“Ben Stevenson delivers “Dizzy”, a soulful offering, paying homage to both Bobby Caldwell’s and Tupac’s version of “Do It For Love”. His debut EP “Dirty Laundry” is due to arrive this fall.”


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Just discovered this girl yesterday she goes by KWAMIE LIV and shes from Copenhagen thats all I know about her existence haha! But I love her work and I will definitely stay in tune with her movement!

Devin Miles – “Hella Late” [Audio]

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In preparation for his anticipated project, Pixburgh, Devin Miles drops off a brand new record, “Hella Late” produced by Christo. I’ve heard the two have been locked in, creating some crazy joints so here’s a little taste of what’s to come. The city of Pittsburgh just keeps producing talent and I’m all ears.

Will Brennan – Laws of Motion [Download/Stream]

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Last night, Central Florida MC, Will Brennan releases part one of his three part EP series, with the first titled, Laws of Motion. This EP is entirely produced by DJ Burn One and features three of Atlanta’s dopest artists on the rise as well, Miloh Smith, SL Jones (by way of Arkansas), and Scotty ATL. Look for the other two EP’s coming soon, but for now enjoy this.

City of Ink: Edgewood Grand Opening [Photos]

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Stated frankly, the word inspire means to make someone want to do something, it is a word you will hear from the mouths of many a creative, simply because it is the foundation for creation. Inspiration can come from any place, be it a traumatic experience, the gaze of a loved one or those awesome tacos you had for lunch. Keep in mind, there isn’t always a need to welcome such drastic taco filled measures in search of inspiration, some of us are lucky enough to be within close proximity to factories of inspiration; communities of brilliant creative minds that populate all facets of fine art from painting and photography to literature, filmmaking, music and dance. However, what one wouldn’t expect is that this epicenter for inspiration moves through a group of painters, illustrators and tattoo artists that just opened up a new location in what is becoming one of Atlanta’s go-to locations for young and fresh creative energy.


“Inspire your City” is the credo that Atlanta based tattoo shop City of Ink lives by; their dripping star logo was birthed from the idea that “we are all stars in this universe but only a chosen few stars inspire others. Those chosen few must drip down on the masses and inspire them through ART.” With Old 4th Ward increasing it’s stature as a go-to location for creative’s in the city, Edgewood Avenue serves as the perfect spot to continue spreading this message. On a weekly basis, Edgewood Ave is populated with a diverse cast of characters such as the homeless “parking attendants”, trendy hipsters, on up to new business owners looking to stake their claim early on this revitalized street. Literally and figuratively City of Ink left it’s own unique mark on June 11th, 2014 tattooing over 50 customers for free, while also bringing the same flavor and energy they have been supplying in Castleberry Hill for nearly 10 yrs. The Walker St. location has been more than simply a tattoo shop; it has hosted art shows, listening parties, cancer benefits and anyone who is just open to soaking up the creative vibe for application in their own lives, all things very important for burgeoning minds in this city. (more…)

Karen Alise – I’m Just A Bachelor [Audio]

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I'm Just a Bachelor

Check out the new record by Karen Alise! Self produced remix/cover of Ginuwine’s “Pony”

I’m Just A Bachelor by Karen Alise

[Saturday] Best of the Best @ The Basement!

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flywidit_bestofatl_june2014 (3)

This Saturday, meet us at the Basement for “Best of the Best” part 2! Last time was pretty insane and this time around are live performances from the legend GripPlyaz, Key!, J.I.D of spillage village, OG Maco, Civil Writes and plenty more. Sounds will be provided by Noahxzark and Ewalk, and the host for the evening will be Stevo and A.ware. Doors open at 9 show starts shortly after! Don’t miss it.

Chance the Rapper – ‘Arthur’ Theme Song Cover [Video]

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Chance the Rapper is one of the best and one of my favorite, artists out right now. Why? He is original, un-apologetically himself, extremely talented, loves his city, and isn’t afraid to take risks. And this performance of the cartoon, ‘Arthur’  we grew up watching is just another reason of why I’m a fan. So dope.

Miloh Smith – “Intexication” [Audio]

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What seems to be the most popular song off Miloh Smith’s second mixtape, “Intexication”, produced by ForteBowie, is a record that almost everybody (well at least over the age of 21) can relate to. A sensual, smooth track that can remain on constant repeat. Make sure to download Pulp Fiction HERE.

Denzel Curry ft. Mike Dece – “Ice Age” [Audio]

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Ever since we met Denzel Curry at Art Basel 2012 in Miami, Greedmont has been supporting the young rhyme spitter. So, while he’s on his first European tour he decides to give his fans the record, “Ice Age.” Simply put, DC can rap his ass off. I love that he sells all his music too. Shout out to C9 and much success to the boy Denzel