1. Please address the blogger you are targeting. If you think Myles would be interested in your band because he wrote about Yelawolf and that’s the kind of music you guys do, then Myles is your guy. Do a search in our search toolbar above and type in something similar. Check out what we write about and tailor your release accordingly. Please include the writer’s name in the subject of your email submission.

2. Please include all pertinent information about the band in the email, including music genre. Please make our job easier by telling us who the band is. If Lil’ Shawty is performing in ATL in July and sends us a calendar but doesn’t include any other information like song samples and a short bio, what are we supposed to do with that?

3. Please include a JPEG or two of the band for use in our posts. Make sure they are good quality can be enlarged or made small as needed.

4. Follow Greedmont on Twitter and Facebook and engage with us; leave a comment on our posts. If you guys like what we write, let us know! If you think there’s a band we should be checking out, let us know. Just don’t spam our inbox and not even try to follow up and develop a relationship. If it’s evident you guys don’t read our blog, we can’t help you.

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