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Lovelife – Your New Beloved [Video]

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promising Brooklyn-based band with Lee Newell and Ally Young as its members.

Practice Bravery – Friends & Foes

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After giving us Arena,  Practice Bravery (Brandon Rossi x Villa) have returned in a more serious tone with ‘Friends & Foes’ putting the scope on fair-weather friends.

Brandon Rossi and Villa are two who’ve experienced the negatives of friendships, relationships, family and the music business.  Villa who speaks about dealing with broken friendships and trying to continue to preserve the select few he has left. Rossi, who expresses dealing with people you think we’re one thing, but turn out to be something completely different. After working on a slew of records together, Rossi and Villa have joined forces to create their own personal umbrella titled practice bravery.


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Ted Joyner and Grant Wilmer met as freshman in high school in baton rouge, la. they go as a group callled generationals. got a lil britpop, some dance and electronic poknig through the trumpet stabs and abbey road compression on their analog 24-track recordings.


FTHRSN – What Do I Want TO Be When I Grow Up [Audio]

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crafted in a bedroom ducked off in Ann Arbor, Michigan comes FTHRSN (pronounced Father-Son). He recently dropped “Middle School Swag” a 7-song EP thats reminiscent of apple juice boxes and yes, no, maybe notes. listen to the full project below

Wara From The NBHD – The Ill Street Blues [Mixtape]

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Originally hailing from Brooklyn, the new atlanta resident Wara drops his first official project The Ill Street Blues as it debuts as the first release from the independent label Playin Four Keeps Recordings feauturing collabs with Rome FortuneMiloh SmithTwo-9 with production from Lefthandmitch, Childish Major, +more.  TISB is conceptually dope from the beginning to end never straying far from the blues sticcin to the script. Be on the lookout for him to hit tour alongside Rome.

Wavy Wallace – Everybody Knows [Audio]

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01 Everybody Knows

just got into the know about wavy recently. definitely been sleeping on holmes. hailing from atlanta, georgia and also a part of the two-9 outfit. wavy wallace is a multi-talented artist as he produces the majority of his material. download HERE

Charles Bradley – Strictly Reserved For You [Audio]

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Charles Bradley – Strictly Reserved For You

Charles Bradley is apart of the funk revival movement (Bobby  Womack, Lee Fields, Darondo..) that has been subtly going around and with todays music being shoved down our throats left and right, the funk has been “refreshing” cant lie. checc out his video “The World (is going up in flames)” as well as his soulful cover of Nirvana’sStay Away

Naysayer & Gilsun – In Mind (ft. Simon Lam) [Video]

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Noah is a lazy blogger.

The Grizzled Mighty – WallFlower

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If the White Stripes, Black Keys, and The Kills had a three way, the rock baby they produced would be The Grizzled Mighty. A devastating Blues/Rock duo from Seattle, they are unmatched sonically by any band out there today. Loud fuzzy guitar, and a thunderous drum set; these mf’ers slay!

Ro Ransom – Ransomniac

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Ro Ransom : Harlem : Rapper