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Forte Bowie – “Interlude: Sunday” [Video]

Thursday, July 12, 2012 by | No Comments | Category: Rap, RnB/Jazz/Soul, Video

Here is the first installment of Atlanta’s own, Forte Bowie’s Interlude series, entitled Sunday. He’s giving his fans and music lovers an inside look into the life of a working artist. In this video, shot by Freeze, Forte links up with fellow Atlanta artists Stanza and Josh Longdin to record a soulful record. With appearance from Ty Baisden and even a little Twitter shout out for yours truly, Forte is sure to keep your attention showcasing his recording process and raw talent. Stay tuned for more Interludes coming from Forte Bowie and Es. of 1990. Passion & Confusion, August 2012.

SMKA & Whynatte Present The Atlanta Stargazing Tour

Friday, July 30, 2010 by | No Comments | Category: Events, Music

As the third stop on the tour, some of Atlanta’s greatest music acts will be live at the Star Bar in Lil 5 Points. Lighting up the stage tonight will be Aleon Craft, Grip Plyaz, Vonnegutt, STS, Sean Falyon, Tom P, Stanza, Jarren Benton, HaZiQ aLi, a special performance from Alien Warr, and sounds by DJ Sol Messiah. Doors Open @ 9, show starts @ 9:30, $5 Cover till 11pm. Go support our great music artist in the city and spread the word.

Stanza – Searching For Bobby Fischer

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 by | No Comments | Category: Culture, Music

Searching For Bobby Fischer

It’s funny because I had heard of Stanza back in  late 08 or early 09, can’t quite remember.. when I was fucking around with my homie Nells who helped and motivated a brotha to get in this blog game heavy. We were hitting the Apache Cafe to catch a Bobby Creekwater show( had ran into Re too, that was a crazy night). Anyway, lets fast forward Stanza a Georgia  native has been doing this rap game for a minute from my understanding. And Searching For Bobby Fischer is very much so my formal introduction into Stanza the artist. A great one at that because I have fell in love with this tape! Seriously like no bullspit lol.

Let me be honest before I decided to download this FREE mixtape (which means once you’re done reading this review you should do the same!!!) , I wasn’t up on Stanza like I should have been, or will be from now on.It would have been nice to have more of a background for this guy which I will work on.(interview maybe?) But good things come in time and this tape came at the right time! Ok I’m getting a little too excited ha ha. I get excited about great music.

This tape doesn’t really remind of anything I’ve heard before right off the back which is good because that means its new, fresh and best of all creative. Which is what I’m all for. I can’t really say who Stanza reminds me of right off  because no comparison came to mind which is funny cause I’m always down for good discourse and comparisons, but I went blank. Which is honestly GREAT. Stanza is Stanza. I find it refreshing when you can listen to an artist and say they are themselves. One thing you have to do to catch the viewers and listeners eye is to be unique, different and best of all be yourself and Stanza does these things.

As I listen to this tape I think of putting this in the same regards as some of my favorites of the summer right now. It goes right up their with my own summer project over at cultureobsessed,  Kush x Orange Juice (and for me to put it up there with them is saying alot), I can name more tapes I’ve ran across and loved over this summer and this is up there with them. All in all I suggest you the reader to become the listener and go get this mixtape..did I say its FREE?

DOWNLOAD HERE: Stanza – Searching For Bobby Fischer

Follow him on twitter too! Stanza On Twitter

Pill Live

Thursday, March 25, 2010 by | No Comments | Category: Events, Music

Mach Five just got added to the bill for this dope showcase @ The Loft. Friday, March 26th, come check us out along with the homies Pill, Grip Plyaz, Fiona Simone, Sean Falyon and Stanza. Be there!